Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Positions

Bridge to Ukraine is currently trying to fill the following volunteer positions. If interested, please contact us through our contact form or through email (office@bridge2ukraine.org).

Refugee Camp Manager

This position will require you to make regular contact with one of our partner organizations in Ukraine. You will help communicate Bridge to Ukraine’s needs, gather their needs assessment info, photos, videos, urge them to tell their story, etc. You will also answer their questions, give Casey Magee updates, keep them informed, and help them understand and create their reports. It sounds like a lot, but over time it only requires a few minutes and no more than half an hour per day. If you don’t speak Russian/Ukrainian very well (or the partner organization doesn’t speak English), we can provide you with an interpreter for the correspondence.

Communications Team Members

The main goal of our Social Media Team Members is to keep our social media followers well informed, engaged and participating in what we’re doing. We’re very open to your creative whims and would like you to try new ways of engaging our followers, whether they turn out to be great ideas or duds. (Estimated time dedicated per week: 1-3 hours)

What we expect:

– Each team member will have one of three areas of specialization, but will work collaboratively with the whole social media team.

– Team members will be responsible for updating and contributing to posts on facebook, vkontakte, google+, twitter (5 times per week) the blog and the newsletter (once or twice

– Team members will help find contributors to the blog and newsletter.

– When asked, create posts about our projects with the information we e-mail you.

– Be cordial and friendly in your posts. You can even be playful at times, just remember we’re dealing with serious issues sometimes, and to be mindful of that tone when things are getting serious in Ukraine.

Areas of specialization:

1. Eastern Rinok – Will mostly spread the word about Eastern Rinok via the Eastern Rinok facebook page. This includes posting about artists, artwork, special sales, interesting facts, and raising general awareness of Eastern Rinok. This team member will also repost occasional material on the Bridge to Ukraine social media accounts.

2. Refugees – Will spread news about the Refugee Crisis Fund, general information about the refugee/IDP crisis in Ukraine, and help discern interesting shareable tidbits from Refugee Crisis Fund reports and from contact with Refugee Camp Managers.

3. Long Form Editor/Writer – Will be responsible for putting together blog posts, and newsletters for Bridge to Ukraine. This would include long articles about Bridge to Ukraine, interesting interviews (B2U staff, B2U partners, influential Ukrainians, ER artists, etc). Would also take seek and take submissions for blog posts and newsletter sections.

Eastern Rinok Volunteer Positions


Sales Development Team Member

The main goal of the Sales Development team is to track sales and recognize the achievements of Eastern Rinok artists.

What we expect:

-Track sales via the Eastern Rinok sales spreadsheet. The spreadsheet should be updated once or twice per week.

-Maintain list of current items posted by Eastern Rinok artists (we have a tool that automatically pulls new listings into a spreadsheet).

-Send congratulatory emails to artists when they sell items.

-Do “quality control” checks of artist stores (i.e. check for misspellings, make sure items have the “Eastern Rinok” tag, etc).

Partnerships Team Member

The main goal of the Partnerships team is to raise awareness of Eastern Rinok through effective partnerships with organizations and/or individuals (with a primary focus on the United States, our largest customer base).

What we expect:

-Create communication templates for outreach to organizations that may have interest in promoting or supporting Eastern Rinok.

-Identify and contact organizations that may have interest in promoting or supporting Eastern Rinok.

-Brainstorm new methods for creating partnerships and/or raising the profile of Eastern Rinok (contests, etc.)

Artist Development Team Member

The main goal of the Artist Development team is to interact with future artists  and to coordinate the training process.

What we expect:

-Respond to email requests from potential artists that are interested in joining Eastern Rinok.

-Identify trainers for artists who do not have a local trainer. Eastern Rinok has a list of trainers that can be contacted via email.

-Monitor training progress through bi-weekly check-ins with active training groups.

-Review newly opened shops for spelling, accurate information, and completeness. The Eastern Rinok training package contains instructions on what a completed shop should look like.

-Assist with the development of an online training program.

Communications Team Member

The main goal of the Communications team is to raise awareness of Eastern Rinok through multiple communication channels.

What we expect:

-Manage the Eastern Rinok website. You do not need to write content, but you will work with the rest of the Eastern Rinok team to find writers and topic ideas.

-Assist with the management Eastern Rinok social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, VK, etc. The actual work of updating accounts will be distributed among Eastern Rinok team members, but we are looking for someone to look at an

-Research and implement new social media communication tools.