Peace Corps

Are You a Current Peace Corps Volunteer?

We would love to help you get connected to NGOs in America, find support for your projects in America, and give you as much support as possible. We would also love if you got your students interested in starting a Youth Bank project! Or check out our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and VKontakte pages and ask us questions, get connected and find support!

Lastly, you can help us fundraise for Youth Bank projects by sharing our information through social networks and through e-mails!

Are You a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer?

As a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, there are many ways you can help Bridge To Ukraine!  First, as you are working on your third goal of sharing Ukrainian culture with America, you can advertise your appearances on our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and VKontakte pages.  While you are on our pages, you can try and connect with local Ukrainian diaspora to practice your Ukrainian/Russian, eat some homemade varenyky, or support someone who may need someone who understands living in another country (FLEX students, work-and-travel, new immigrants, etc.).

Lastly, you can help us fundraise!  If you are putting on an event, speaking to a school, or talking to Ukrainian-American friends, you can help advertise what we are doing, and help us raise money!  We are a volunteer only organization, so all our donations go straight to helping Ukrainian projects!