About Us

Our Mission

The mission of Bridge to Ukraine is to foster a strong connection between Ukraine and America through the sharing of ideas, culture, and mutual support.

This mission is carried out by:

1) Supporting Americans in Ukraine who share American culture, traditions and ideas.

2) Supporting Ukrainians, or Americans who have lived in Ukraine, who share Ukrainian culture, traditions and ideas in America.

3) Supporting and implementing sustainable development projects in Ukraine that address serious issues.

How It Began

Bridge to Ukraine, Inc. was started in Kyiv on a beautiful spring day in 2013. A group of Peace Corps Volunteers were preparing to leave the country and go back to the U.S., but the thought of going home was bittersweet. Everyone felt a special tie to Ukraine and felt reluctant to just drop everything and leave their friendships, their hard work, and their close connections behind. From this idea grew the foundations of Bridge to Ukraine.

Casey Magee brought together a group of friends and companions in Peace Corps that he believed could still make an impact from America after their service. From this meeting came the framework and mission of Bridge to Ukraine, along with the solidarity of conviction to use our experience, connections and skills to keep contributing to Ukraine’s development. We chose a bridge as the best analogy for our organization. We want to share Ukraine with the United States by sharing our experiences, the culture we were immersed in, and the people we met. We also wanted to connect Ukrainian diaspora, Ukrainian exchange students, and Returned Peace Corps Volunteers back to Ukraine through our connections and our development efforts.

What We Do

Bridge to Ukraine works to connect Ukraine and America. We share Ukraine’s story throughout America by bringing Ukrainian culture, history and, personal experiences to our American communities. We share America’s story with Ukraine by sharing our culture, expertise, resources and good will. The relationships we form and the things we share enrich both countries.

Current Projects

Eastern Rinok Logo with no border
Eastern Rinok – Eastern Rinok is a project designed to help Ukrainian artists and entrepreneurs sell their handmade goods using the online sales platform, Etsy.


Bridge to Ukraine Refugee Crisis Fund
Refugee Crisis Fund – The Refugee Crisis Fund helps supply refugee camps with vital supplies for the thousands of internally displaced refugees in Ukraine.

Suspended Projects

Bridge to Ukraine Youth Bank - Currently Suspended
Youth Bank – Youth Bank enables and inspires youth to participate and improve their communities while developing their own creativity, confidence, and organizational skills.

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